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Editor-in-Chief of the Journal SLEEP

The journal SLEEP is owned and published by the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, LLC (APSS). The Editor-in-Chief of the journal SLEEP reports to the APSS Board of Directors. The APSS Board of Directors maintains fiduciary oversight of the journal SLEEP, including approval of the budget. The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for the scientific content, the review process and the editorial policy of the journal. The APSS Board of Directors reserves the right of overall review and approval, although this right is expected to be exercised only in exceptional circumstances.

Position Description

The Editor-in-Chief is appointed by the Board of Directors of the APSS to provide practical management of the journal. The term of appointment of the Editor-in-Chief is five (5) years and is renewable for a second term. The Editor-in-Chief will devote 25% of total work time to these editorial duties. Annual compensation will be commensurate with the responsibilities of the position; compensation will be negotiated between the candidate and the APSS. The newly-appointed Editor-in-Chief will be required to transition with the interim editor for approximately one year leading up to official appointment.

The Editor-in-Chief will:

  1. Set editorial policy for the journal and provide the vision and leadership that will assure SLEEP is the pre-eminent journal in the field. This will be measured by various citation reports and number of annual subscriptions.
  2. Be responsible for maintaining the high quality and integrity of the journal. The Editor-in-Chief will provide general oversight of journal content, making sure published papers proportionally represent the breadth of sleep science and sleep medicine.
  3. Encourage the submission of manuscripts of the highest scientific standard as well as contributions which place advances in sleep science and medicine in broader perspective, including editorials and reviews.
  4. Formulate a policy of Responsible Conduct Regarding Scientific Communication.
  5. Work collegially with the Editorial Board, the Executive Director, the Board of Directors of the APSS, the journal staff, contributors, and publishers.
  6. Report regularly to the Board of Directors of the APSS and submit yearly plans and budget requests.
  7. Select, supervise and delegate appropriate tasks to the Editorial Board and other Editors. The latter may include Section Editors, Deputy Editors and/or Associate Editors.
  8. Have ultimate responsibility for the acceptance or rejection of all contributions.
  9. Determine which manuscripts are to be published in each issue, determine their order, and give final approval for publication.
  10. Maintain the production timeline of the journal and ensure that sufficient manuscripts are available for several issues at any time.
  11. Mentor the new Editor-in-Chief designate during the last year of the Editor’s term


The successful applicant will have an MD, DO, or PhD degree (or the equivalent), will reside in the United States or Canada, and will be a recognized expert in the fields of sleep science or sleep medicine, as evidenced by reputation and publications. The successful applicant will have previous editorial experience, which may include serving as guest editor for special topics issues of peer-reviewed journals, editing books, or previous service on editorial boards. The Editor-in-Chief will have demonstrated experience in the preparation and management of budgets. The Editor-in-Chief will possess sound knowledge of the use of English, practical management skills, and a vision for the future of SLEEP.

Application Procedure

  1. Applicants must submit a letter of intent to apply by April 1, 2014.
  2. A packet of information will be provided to each individual who submits a letter of intent.
  3. Complete application packages must be received no later than May 1, 2014. Application packages must include:
    1. A curriculum vitae
    2. A letter (limited to 7 pages or less) that states the applicant’s vision for the journal SLEEP. The letter must include details of proposed content and structure of the journal, an outline of a proposed review process, and a plan to address challenges associated with the role of Editor-in-Chief. The challenges will be outlined in the packet of information provided to each individual who submits a letter of intent. The letter must clearly articulate the respective roles of the Editor-in-Chief, other Editors, and the Editorial Board. Other editors may include Section Editors, Deputy Editors, and/or Associate Editors, consistent with the applicant’s vision for the journal. The inclusion of a sample list of proposed Section Editors, Deputy Editors, and/or Associate Editors will facilitate evaluation by the Search Committee, but those on the list should not be contacted prior to the submission.
    3. An outline of a Responsible Conduct Regarding Scientific Communication policy. Such a policy should include ethical responsibilities of authors, such as a policy regarding plagiarism, as well as ethical responsibilities of editors, such as handling of manuscripts originating from the editor’s own institution. The policy should be modeled on those available for SLEEP or other journals. In addition to providing a framework for ethical publication, printing such a policy in the journal will also send a message to the readers that the journal takes integrity and professionalism very seriously.
    4. A letter of support from the applicant’s institution (Department Chair or Dean), certifying that 25% of the applicant’s time will be available for the job.
    5. A completed conflict of interest disclosure form
  4. Candidates will be notified if they will be interviewed in May 2014. Interviews will be conducted by the Search Committee in July 2014, with an appointment expected in September 2014. It is anticipated that the Editor-designate will begin transition with the current Editor on January 1, 2015, and will assume duties as Editor-in-Chief on January 1, 2016.
  5. Interested candidates should address all application materials, questions and correspondence to:

Becky Roberts
APSS – Editor Search
2510 N. Frontage Road
Darien, Illinois 60561
Phone: (630) 737-9700
Fax: (630) 737-9789


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