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SLEEP Volume 39 / Issue 09 - Thursday, September 1, 2016


Sleep-Disordered Breathing

Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Have Cardiac Repolarization Disturbances when Travelling to Altitude: Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Acetazolamide. 1631-1637.
Tsogyal Daniela Latshang, MD1; Barbara Kaufmann, BMS1; Yvonne Nussbaumer-Ochsner, MD1; Silvia Ulrich, MD1; Michael Furian, MS1; Malcolm Kohler, MD1,2; Robert Thurnheer, MD3; Ardan Muammer Saguner, MD4; Firat Duru, MD4,2; Konrad Ernst Bloch, MD, FCCP1,2

Interaction between Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Shortened Telomere Length on Brain White Matter Abnormality. 1639-1645.
Kyung-Mee Choi, PhD1; Robert J. Thomas, MD2; Dai Wui Yoon, PhD1; Seung Ku Lee, PhD1; Inkyung Baik, PhD3; Chol Shin, MD1,4


Upper Airway Vibration Perception in School-Aged Children with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. 1647-1652.
Ignacio E. Tapia, MD, MS1,2; Ji Young Kim, PhD3; Mary Anne Cornaglia1; Joel Traylor, BS1; George J. Samuel1; Joseph M. McDonough, MA1; Carole L. Marcus, MBBCh1,2

Racial/Ethnic and Socio-Contextual Correlates of Chronic Sleep Curtailment in Childhood. 1653-1661.
Michelle-Marie Peña, MD1,2; Sheryl L. Rifas-Shiman, MPH3; Matthew W. Gillman, MD, SM3,4; Susan Redline, MD, MPH5; Elsie M. Taveras, MD, MPH2,4

Restricting Time in Bed in Early Adolescence Reduces Both NREM and REM Sleep but Does Not Increase Slow Wave EEG. 1663-1670.
Ian G. Campbell, PhD; Amanda M. Kraus, BS; Christopher S. Burright, BA; Irwin Feinberg, MD

Sleep Cognition and Behavior

Exposure to Blue Light Increases Subsequent Functional Activation of the Prefrontal Cortex During Performance of a Working Memory Task. 1671-1680.
Anna Alkozei, PhD1; Ryan Smith, PhD1; Derek A. Pisner, BA1; John R. Vanuk, BS1; Sarah M. Berryhill, BS1; Andrew Fridman, BS1; Bradley R. Shane, BS1; Sara A. Knight, BS1; William D.S. Killgore, PhD1,2

Sleep Restriction Impairs Vocabulary Learning when Adolescents Cram for Exams: The Need for Sleep Study. 1681-1690.
Sha Huang, PhD1; Aadya Deshpande, BS1; Sing-Chen Yeo, BS1; June C. Lo, PhD1; Michael W.L. Chee, MBBS1; Joshua J. Gooley, PhD1,2

Sleep and Metabolism

The Sleep/Wake Cycle is Directly Modulated by Changes in Energy Balance. 1691-1700.
Tinh-Hai Collet, MD1; Agatha A. van der Klaauw, MD1; Elana Henning, BSocSc1; Julia M. Keogh, BSc1; Diane Suddaby, BSc1; Sekesai V. Dachi, BSc1; Síle Dunbar, BSc1; Sarah Kelway, BSc1; Suzanne L. Dickson, PhD2; I. Sadaf Farooqi, MD1; Sebastian M. Schmid, MD1,3

Actigraphy Measured Sleep Indices and Adiposity: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA). 1701-1708.
Rachel P. Ogilvie, MPH1; Susan Redline, MD, MPH2; Alain G. Bertoni, MD, MPH3; Xiaoli Chen, MD, PhD4; Pamela Ouyang, MBBS5; Moyses Szklo, MD6; Pamela L. Lutsey, PhD, MPH1

Sleep and Cardiovascular Disease

Onset of Impaired Sleep and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors: A Longitudinal Study. 1709-1718. Article Is Eligible For CME Credits
Alice Jessie Clark, PhD1,2; Paula Salo, PhD3,4; Theis Lange, PhD5; Poul Jennum, PhD6,7; Marianna Virtanen, PhD3; Jaana Pentti, BSc3; Mika Kivimäki, PhD8,9; Naja Hulvej Rod, DMSc1,2; Jussi Vahtera, PhD3,10

Basic Science

Spatiotemporal Organization and Cross-Frequency Coupling of Sleep Spindles in Primate Cerebral Cortex. 1719-1735. Article Is Eligible For CME Credits
Saori Takeuchi, PhD1,5; Rie Murai, MMedSc1; Hideki Shimazu, MD, PhD3; Yoshikazu Isomura, MD, PhD4; Tatsuya Mima, MD, PhD2; Toru Tsujimoto, MD, PhD1,5

Neurological Disorders

The Evolution of REM Sleep Behavior Disorder in Early Parkinson Disease. 1737-1742.
Friederike Sixel-Döring, MD1,2; Johannes Zimmermann, PhD3; Andrea Wegener, MD1; Brit Mollenhauer, MD1,4,5; Claudia Trenkwalder, MD1,4

Sleep Duration/Sleep Quality

Sleep Duration and White Matter Quality in Middle-Aged Adults. 1743-1747.
Kristine Yaffe, MD1; Ilya Nasrallah, MD, PhD2; Tina D. Hoang, MSPH3; Diane S. Lauderdale, PhD4; Kristen L. Knutson, PhD5; Mercedes R. Carnethon, PhD6; Lenore J. Launer, PhD7; Cora E. Lewis, MD8; Stephen Sidney, MD, MPH9

Social Patterning of Sleep

The Social Patterning of Sleep in African Americans: Associations of Socioeconomic Position and Neighborhood Characteristics with Sleep in the Jackson Heart Study. 1749-1759.
Dayna A. Johnson, PhD, MPH, MSW, MS1,2; Lynda Lisabeth, PhD1; DeMarc Hickson, PhD, MPH3,4; Vicki Johnson-Lawrence, PhD5; Tandaw Samdarshi, MD4; Herman Taylor, MD6; Ana V. Diez Roux, MD, PhD7

Letter to the Editor

The Boom in Wearable Technology: Cause for Alarm or Just What is Needed to Better Understand Sleep?. 1761-1762.
Massimiliano de Zambotti, PhD1; Job G. Godino, PhD2,3; Fiona C. Baker, PhD1; Joseph Cheung, MD4; Kevin Patrick, MD2,3; Ian M. Colrain, PhD1

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