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SLEEP Volume 38 / Issue 09 - Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Behaviorally Assessed Sleep and Susceptibility to the Common Cold

Behaviorally Assessed Sleep and Susceptibility to the Common Cold. 1353-1359. Article Is Eligible For CME Credits
Aric A. Prather, PhD1; Denise Janicki-Deverts, PhD2; Martica H. Hall, PhD3; Sheldon Cohen, PhD2

Promotion of Wakefulness and Energy Expenditure by Orexin-A in VLPO

Promotion of Wakefulness and Energy Expenditure by Orexin-A in the Ventrolateral Preoptic Area. 1361-1370.
Vijayakumar Mavanji, PhD4; Claudio E. Perez-Leighton, PhD6,7; Catherine M. Kotz, PhD4,5,8,10; Charles J. Billington, MD4,8,9,10; Sairam Parthasarathy, MD2,3; Christopher M. Sinton, PhD2,3; Jennifer A. Teske, PhD1,4,8,10

Cacna1c (CaV1.2) Modulates EEG Rhythm and REM Sleep Recovery

Cacna1c (Cav1.2) Modulates Electroencephalographic Rhythm and Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Recovery. 1371-1380.
Deependra Kumar, PhD1; Nina Dedic, PhD1,2; Cornelia Flachskamm1; Stephanie Voulé1; Jan M. Deussing, PhD1; Mayumi Kimura, PhD1

In Vivo Imaging of Sleep Loss and SCN Lesion on Period-2 Protein

Cardiometabolic Impact of Adenotonsillectomy for Childhood Sleep Apnea

The Effect of Adenotonsillectomy for Childhood Sleep Apnea on Cardiometabolic Measures. 1395-1403.
Mirja Quante, MD1,2; Rui Wang, PhD1,2; Jia Weng, PhD, MS1; Carol L. Rosen, MD3; Raouf Amin, MD4; Susan L. Garetz, MD5; Eliot Katz, MD2,6; Shalini Paruthi, MD7; Raanan Arens, MD8; Hiren Muzumdar, MD8; Carole L. Marcus, MBBCH9; Susan Ellenberg, PhD10; Susan Redline, MD, MPH1,2,11

Insufficient Sleep and Risk of Prostate Cancer

Insufficient Sleep and Risk of Prostate Cancer in a Large Swedish Cohort. 1405-1410. Article Is Eligible For CME Credits
Sarah C. Markt, ScD1; Alessandra Grotta, PhD2; Olof Nyren, MD, PhD2; Hans-Olov Adami, MD, PhD1,2; Lorelei A. Mucci, ScD1,3; Unnur A. Valdimarsdottir, PhD1,4; Pär Stattin, MD, PhD5; Rino Bellocco, ScD2,6; Ylva Trolle Lagerros, MD, PhD7

Cerebrovascular Control in Preterm Infants

Preterm Infants Exhibit Greater Variability in Cerebrovascular Control than Term Infants. 1411-1421.
Karinna L. Fyfe, MBBS, PhD1,2; Alexsandria Odoi, BNS (Honours)1; Stephanie R. Yiallourou, PhD1,2; Flora Y. Wong, MBBS, PhD1,2,3; Adrian M. Walker, PhD1; Rosemary S.C. Horne, PhD1,2

Longitudinal Twin Study of Insomnia

A Longitudinal Twin Study of Insomnia Symptoms in Adults. 1423-1430.
Mackenzie J. Lind, BS1; Steven H. Aggen, PhD1; Robert M. Kirkpatrick, PhD1; Kenneth S. Kendler, MD1,2; Ananda B. Amstadter, PhD1,2

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Stroke Outcome

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is Related to Impaired Cognitive and Functional Status after Stroke. 1431-1437.
Justine A. Aaronson, MSc1,2; Coen A.M. van Bennekom, MD, PhD1; Winni F. Hofman, PhD2; Tijs van Bezeij, MD1; Joost G. van den Aardweg, MD, PhD3; Erny Groet, MSc1; Wytske A. Kylstra, MSc1; Ben Schmand, PhD2,4

Waking Cerebral Blood Flow in Older Subjects with Mild to Severe OSA

Regional Cerebral Blood Flow during Wakeful Rest in Older Subjects with Mild to Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea. 1439-1449.
Andrée-Ann Baril, BSc1,2; Katia Gagnon, BSc1,3; Caroline Arbour, PhD1,4; Jean-Paul Soucy, MD, MSc5; Jacques Montplaisir, MD, PhD1,2; Jean-François Gagnon, PhD1,3; Nadia Gosselin, PhD1,4

Prevalence and Risks of SDB in Resource-Limited Settings in Peru

Sleep Disordered Breathing in Four Resource-Limited Settings in Peru: Prevalence, Risk Factors, and Association with Chronic Diseases. 1451-1459.
Noah G. Schwartz1,2; Adi Rattner1; Alan R. Schwartz, MD1; Babak Mokhlesi, MD2; Robert H. Gilman, MD, DTMH3; Antonio Bernabe-Ortiz, MD, MPH4; J. Jaime Miranda, MD, PhD4,5; William Checkley, MD, PhD1,3

Sleep-Tracking Technology Compared with PSG in Adolescents

Validation of Sleep-Tracking Technology Compared with Polysomnography in Adolescents. 1461-1468.
Massimiliano de Zambotti, PhD1; Fiona C. Baker, PhD1,2; Ian M. Colrain, PhD1,3

Body Position Effects on Physiological Factors that Contribute to OSA

The Effect of Body Position on Physiological Factors that Contribute to Obstructive Sleep Apnea. 1469-1478.
Simon A. Joosten, MBBS, BMedSc FRACP1,2; Bradley A. Edwards, PhD3; Andrew Wellman, MD, PhD3; Anthony Turton, BSc1; Elizabeth M. Skuza, BSc2; Philip J. Berger, PhD2; Garun S. Hamilton, MBBS, FRACP, PhD1,4

Video-PSG Analysis of Movements during Sleep in 100 Healthy Sleepers

A Prospective Video-Polysomnographic Analysis of Movements during Physiological Sleep in 100 Healthy Sleepers. 1479-1487.
Ambra Stefani, MD; David Gabelia, MD; Thomas Mitterling, MD; Werner Poewe, MD; Birgit Högl, MD; Birgit Frauscher, MD

PSG Findings and Clinical Correlates in Huntington Disease

Polysomnographic Findings and Clinical Correlates in Huntington Disease: A Cross-Sectional Cohort Study. 1489-1495.
Carla Piano, MD1,2; Anna Losurdo, MD3; Giacomo Della Marca, MD, PhD3; Marcella Solito, PsyD1; Giovanna Calandra-Buonaura, MD, PhD2; Federica Provini, MD, PhD2; Anna Rita Bentivoglio, MD, PhD1; Pietro Cortelli, MD2

Reproducibility of Actigraphy for Sleep in a US Hispanic/Latino Population

Reproducibility of a Standardized Actigraphy Scoring Algorithm for Sleep in a US Hispanic/Latino Population. 1497-1503.
Sanjay R. Patel, MD, MS1,2; Jia Weng, PhD1; Michael Rueschman, MPH1; Katherine A. Dudley, MD1; Jose S. Loredo, MD, MPH3; Yasmin Mossavar-Rahmani, PhD4; Maricelle Ramirez, BA2; Alberto R. Ramos, MD5; Kathryn Reid, PhD6; Ashley N. Seiger, BS1; Daniela Sotres-Alvarez, DrPH7; Phyllis C. Zee, MD, PhD6; Rui Wang, PhD1

The Serotonergic System In RBD

The Role of the Serotonergic System in REM Sleep Behavior Disorder. 1505-1509.
Dario Arnaldi, MD1; Francesco Famà, BhS1; Fabrizio De Carli, MPhys2; Silvia Morbelli, MD3; Michela Ferrara, MD1; Agnese Picco, MD1; Jennifer Accardo, MD1; Alberto Primavera, MD1; Gianmario Sambuceti, MD3; Flavio Nobili, MD1

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