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Current Issue

SLEEP Volume 39 / Issue 02 - Monday, February 1, 2016


School Start Times


C-reactive Protein as a Potential Biomarker of Residual Obstructive Sleep Apnea Following Adenotonsillectomy in Children. 283-291.
Rakesh Bhattacharjee, MD1,2; Leila Kheirandish-Gozal, MD, MSc1; Athanasios G. Kaditis, MD3; Stijn L. Verhulst, MD, PhD4; David Gozal, MD, MBA1,2

Sleep Disordered Breathing

Serum Vitamin D Is Significantly Inversely Associated with Disease Severity in Caucasian Adults with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome. 293-300.
Conor P. Kerley, BSc1,2; Katrina Hutchinson, MD3,4; Kenneth Bolger1; Aisling McGowan1; John Faul, MD1; Liam Cormican, MD1

The Association between Obstructive Sleep Apnea on Diabetic Kidney Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. 301-308.
Wen Bun Leong, MBChB, MRCP1; Ferozkhan Jadhakhan, MPH2; Shahrad Taheri, MBBS, PhD, FRCP3,4; G. Neil Thomas, PhD5,6; Peymané Adab, MD5

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and 15-Year Cognitive Decline: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study. 309-316.
Pamela L. Lutsey, PhD1; Lindsay G.S. Bengtson, PhD1; Naresh M. Punjabi, MD2; Eyal Shahar, MD3; Thomas H. Mosley, PhD4; Rebecca F. Gottesman, MD, PhD2; Lisa M. Wruck, PhD5; Richard F. MacLehose, PhD1; Alvaro Alonso, MD, PhD1

The Effect of Changes in Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Weight on Obstructive Sleep Apnea Severity in Overweight Adults with Type 2 Diabetes. 317-325.
Christopher E. Kline, PhD1; David M. Reboussin, PhD2; Gary D. Foster, PhD3,4; Thomas B. Rice, MD, MS1; Elsa S. Strotmeyer, PhD, MPH1; John M. Jakicic, PhD1; Richard P. Millman, MD5; F. Xavier Pi-Sunyer, MD6; Anne B. Newman, MD, MPH1; Thomas A. Wadden, PhD7; Gary Zammit, PhD8; Samuel T. Kuna, MD7,9

Brain Damage and Motor Cortex Impairment in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Implication of Nonrapid Eye Movement Sleep Desaturation. 327-335.
Francois Alexandre, PhD1,2; Nelly Heraud, PhD2,3; Anthony M.J. Sanchez, PhD4,5; Emilie Tremey, PhD2,3; Nicolas Oliver, MD2; Philippe Guerin, MD3; Alain Varray, PhD1

Tube Law of the Pharyngeal Airway in Sleeping Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. 337-343.
Pedro R. Genta, MD1,2; Bradley A. Edwards, PhD1; Scott A. Sands, PhD1,3; Robert L. Owens, MD1; James P. Butler, PhD1; Stephen H. Loring, MD4; David P. White, MD1; Andrew Wellman, MD, PhD1

Basic Science

The Drosophila Circadian Clock Gates Sleep through Time-of-Day Dependent Modulation of Sleep-Promoting Neurons. 345-356.
Daniel J. Cavanaugh, PhD1,3; Abigail S. Vigderman, BS1; Terry Dean, MD, PhD1; David S. Garbe, PhD1; Amita Sehgal, PhD1,2

Orexin Receptor Antagonism Improves Sleep and Reduces Seizures in Kcna1-null Mice. 357-368.
Harrison M. Roundtree, PhD; Timothy A. Simeone, PhD; Chaz Johnson, MS; Stephanie A. Matthews, MA; Kaeli K. Samson, MA; Kristina A. Simeone, PhD

Progressive Loss of the Orexin Neurons Reveals Dual Effects on Wakefulness. 369-377.
Abigail F. Branch, BS1; William Navidi, PhD1; Sawako Tabuchi, PhD2; Akira Terao, DVM, PhD3; Akihiro Yamanaka, PhD2; Thomas E. Scammell, MD4; Cecilia Diniz Behn, PhD1,5

Quantitative Electroencephalographic Analysis Provides an Early-Stage Indicator of Disease Onset and Progression in the zQ175 Knock-In Mouse Model of Huntington's Disease. 379-391.
Simon P. Fisher, PhD; Michael D. Schwartz, PhD; Sarah Wurts-Black, PhD; Alexia M. Thomas, PhD; Tsui-Ming Chen, MA; Michael A. Miller, BSc; Jeremiah B. Palmerston, BSc; Thomas S. Kilduff, PhD; Stephen R. Morairty, PhD

RGS Proteins and Gαi2 Modulate Sleep, Wakefulness, and Disruption of Sleep/ Wake States after Isoflurane and Sevoflurane Anesthesia. 393-404.
Hao Zhang, MD, PhD1,2; Heather Wheat, BS1; Peter Wang, BS1; Sha Jiang, BS1; Helen A. Baghdoyan, PhD1,4; Richard R. Neubig, MD, PhD3; X.Y. Shi, MD5; Ralph Lydic, PhD1,4

Neurological Disorders

A Four-Year Longitudinal Study on Restless Legs Syndrome in Parkinson Disease. 405-412.
Marcello Moccia, MD1; Roberto Erro, MD2,3; Marina Picillo, MD4,5; Gabriella Santangelo, PhD6,7; Emanuele Spina, MD1; Roberto Allocca, MD1; Katia Longo, MD, PhD7; Marianna Amboni, MD, PhD7; Raffaele Palladino, MD, PhD8,9; Roberta Assante, MD10; Sabina Pappatà, MD11; Maria Teresa Pellecchia, MD, PhD4; Paolo Barone, MD, PhD4; Carmine Vitale, MD, PhD7,12

A Data-Driven Analysis of the Rules Defining Bilateral Leg Movements during Sleep. 413-421.
Raffaele Ferri, MD1; Mauro Manconi, MD, PhD2; Francesco Rundo, MEng1; Marco Zucconi, MD2; Debora Aricò, PsyD, PhD1; Oliviero Bruni, MD4; Luigi Ferini-Strambi, MD3; Stephany Fulda, PhD2

Microstructure of the Midbrain and Cervical Spinal Cord in Idiopathic Restless Legs Syndrome: A Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study. 423-428.
Klaas Lindemann, MD1; Hans-Peter Müller, PhD1; Albert C. Ludolph, MD1; Magdolna Hornyak, MD1,2; Jan Kassubek, MD1

Long-Term Cognitive Impairment in Kleine-Levin Syndrome. 429-438.
Ginevra Uguccioni, MS1,3,4; Sophie Lavault, MS1,3,4; Charlotte Chaumereuil, MS3; Jean-Louis Golmard, MD, PhD2; Jean-François Gagnon, PhD5; Isabelle Arnulf, MD, PhD1,3,4,6


Neural Reward Processing Mediates the Relationship between Insomnia Symptoms and Depression in Adolescence. 439-447.
Melynda D. Casement, PhD1; Kate E. Keenan, PhD2; Alison E. Hipwell, PhD1; Amanda E. Guyer, PhD3; Erika E. Forbes, PhD1

Identifying At-Risk Individuals for Insomnia Using the Ford Insomnia Response to Stress Test. 449-456.
David A. Kalmbach, PhD1; Vivek Pillai, PhD2; J. Todd Arnedt, PhD1; Christopher L. Drake, PhD2

Bedtime Variability and Metabolic Health in Midlife Women: The SWAN Sleep Study. 457-465. Article Is Eligible For CME Credits
Briana J. Taylor, MS1; Karen A. Matthews, PhD2; Brant P. Hasler, PhD2; Kathryn A. Roecklein, PhD1; Christopher E. Kline, PhD2; Daniel J. Buysse, MD2; Howard M. Kravitz, DO, MPH3; Alaina G. Tiani, BS1; Sioban D. Harlow, PhD4; Martica H. Hall, PhD2

Sleep Duration/Sleep Quality

Bisphenol-A and Sleep Adequacy among Adults in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys. 467-476.
Hind A. Beydoun, PhD, MPH1; May A. Beydoun, PhD, MPH2; Hueiwang Anna Jeng, ScD3; Alan B. Zonderman, PhD2; Shaker M. Eid, MD, MBA4

Racial Discrimination and Ethnic Disparities in Sleep Disturbance: the 2002/03 New Zealand Health Survey. 477-485.
Sarah-Jane Paine, PhD1; Ricci Harris, MB ChB, MPH, FNZCPHM2; Donna Cormack, PhD2; James Stanley, PhD3

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